Vertical bracket

Fixing temporary edge protection to the edge of the concrete slab offers a clear working area on top of the slab for the installation of systemised framed systems (SFS) or pre-built facade sections.

The Vertical bracket (product code 912118) is attached to the edge of the concrete using two reusable screw anchors. It offers two clearance distances from the side of the slab to accommodate framed facade system overhangs.

• Fits common balcony attachments.
• M10 c/c 100 mm.
• Two installation methods.
• Installed with cc up to 2,4 m.
• Hot dip galvanized.
• Weight 1,4 kg.

Art. No. 912118

Product sheet

Temporary edge protection on house construction UK

Temporary edge protection on balcony concrete constructions UK

Temporary edge protection on concrete slab edge constructions UK