Timber beam bracket (primary and secondary)

The Timber beam bracket is used to connect the SR temporary edge protection system to timber beams (GT24, H20 type), for example on primary and secondary beams in horizontal formwork / falsework systems.

They straddle the beams with a bolt lock underneath to clamp onto its top section. The Post 1,3 m is inserted into the Timber beam bracket. Built with a post lock inside the post holder to prevent uplift or accidental uplift which makes it suitable for using on table formwork.

Available in two lengths (primary and secondary) to ensure that the edge protection barriers are set at the correct height. Compatible with most systems including Doka and Peri.

• Integrated post lock.
• Hot dip galvanized.
• Quick screw lock.
• Weight 4,0 kg, 2,3 kg.

Timber beam bracket (primary) – Art. No. 912168
Timber beam bracket (secondary) – Art. No. 912169

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