VT steelweb, round

VT Steelweb round

The VT Steelweb is connected to steel sections using a set-screw through a pre-drilled hole. When Posts and Barriers have been inserted into it, the completed temporary edge protection system will sit off the sections from 20 to 300 mm. This makes it possible to install systemised façade system without removing the edge protection, and protecting the installers until the structure is permanently secured.

VT Steelweb brackets can be delivered pre-set to the distance determined by the steel section flanges or unset for site adjustment. An orange marked anchor point indicates where the VT steelweb bracket can be tethered when being removed to prevent it from falling.

• Compliancy BS EN 13374, class A
• Weight 4.2 kg
• Dimensions 320 x 422 x 161 mm

Art. No. 5040010

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