Clamp 550

The adjustable Clamp 550 (product code 912220) is used in vertical and horizontal configuration as an attachment for temporary edge protection on concrete slab edges, beams and walls with a thickness of 25 – 550 mm. Built with integrated sockets for post insertion with innovative locking device that prevents accidental release of posts. The clamp is swivelling and can be installed in an angle, like in stairs for example, utilised for attaching temporary guardrails.

• Width span 25 – 550 mm.
• Several installation alternatives.
• Swivelling 360 deg. and reversible.
• Handles all stair angles.
• Hot dip galvanized.
• Weight 7,8 kg.
• 30 pieces delivered in stacking box stillage.

Art. No. 912220

Product sheet


Adjustable clamp for edge protection on construction sites