Structural steel

SafetyRespect have a range of solutions for connecting systemised edge protection to steel structures. We have brackets that can bolt through the web of the beam, clamps to clamp to the flanges and have weld on sacrificial sockets that are later lost within the concrete floor.

We can provide full Tekla detailing of the connections and also 3D models showing the complete system including barriers. This removes the likely hood of any clashes when the project is on site.

The SafetyRespect VT system lends itself perfectly to structural steel applications. Its light weight design, ‘bent’ mesh type barrier supported by aluminium posts, makes it the ideal solution when fitted to the steel at ground level prior to being erected. Furthermore the system is fully adjustable, whilst insitu, both horizontally and vertically. You can adjust the height and off-set without removing a barrier and the need to use a harness.

The system has some unique safety features such a ‘positive’ connection to weld on sockets and the VT Holder with clip. This protects against the possibility of accidental dislodging and subsequent fall of any system component.

Temporary edge protection on steel structures at construction site