Exclusion zones with Compression posts

Collective edge protection for exclusion zones

Temporary edge protection systems have to be removed to install unitised facade systems to the external elevations of high-rise buildings. An important control measure on projects where external facade installation is to be undertaken from inside the building is the use of exclusion zones which allow only those permitted to be inside these exposed unprotected areas. It’s important that exclusion zones can be erected quickly using minimum components with relative portability for carrying through stair cores or on hoists. Using SafetyRespect steel mesh barrier’s as the visible and impassable zone boundary we offer two post types for support.

Compression post (product 919030) locks between floor and ceiling slabs removing the need for a separate base plate.

Freestanding base (product 912320) sits on the concrete floor supporting Post 1,3 m, at 2,4 metre maximum spacings.

This offers the benefit of less components, lightweight equipment and fast install, removal and re-installation which can materialise large time savings over long periods of re-cycling between floors.

• Compression post
• Freestanding base
• Socket base
• Post 1,3 m
• Barrier 1,3, 2,6

Installing compression posts and safety barriers with Scissorsafe personal fall protection system