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Clamp for edge protection on steel structure

Adjustable clamps to underside of steel sections

Clamp for edge protection on steel structure

Adjustable steel clamps are bolted to the bottom flange of steel sections holding posts and barriers outboard of the structure. This attachment method is useful when the top surface of the steel needs to be left clear for decking sheets or precast floor slabs. They are also useful for temporary phase breaks on larger structures. Adjustable steel clamps can be pre-installed onto sections pre-lifting into the structure. The steel beam clamp has an integrated attachment for the post. Barrier 2,6 is installed directly onto the post lock and its height can easily be adjusted in order to facilitate different work tasks.

• Steel beam clamp

• Post 1,5 m alu
• Barrier bracket wedge coupler
• Barrier 1,3, 1,95, 2,6



Aluminum pipes

Alu pipe

Aluminum pipes

Aluminum pipe to use as a compliment to our edge protection systems.

Alu pipe 6 m Art. no. 910114
Alu pipe 5 m Art. no. 910120
Alu pipe 4 m Art. no. 910115
Alu pipe 3 m Art. no. 910116
Alu pipe 2 m Art. no. 910117
Alu pipe 1 m Art. no. 910118

Fall protection net

Fall protection net is used as edge protection at construction sites to catch both people and materials that may fall. The net is available in a variety of sizes and designs and and the attachment is done with a rope or with a so called Grippa in, for example, a roof girder construction. The fall protection net offers both flexibility and safety, which results in increased efficiency when working at great heights. When positioned correctly the protection net is also used to catch falling objects such as waste material, tools, building parts, equipment, etc. The protection net also reduces the feeling of great height, which means that possible fear of heights of the workers is reduced. This creates a feeling of safety with increased efficiency as a result.

Fall protection net 10 x 12 – Art. No. 941010
Fall protection net 8 x 12 m – Art. No. 941011
Fall protection net 8 x 10 m – Art. No. 941012

Product sheet Fall protection net

Product sheet Grippa

Tempoary edge protection stairs at construction site in UK

Attachment to the string


As an attachment point for the bracket the regular cast in sockets in stairs can be used. A Stair bracket with spacers makes it possible to let the protection in the stairs during the whole construction period. All kinds of work can be carried out with the protection in place, even the final painting.

• Stair bracket
• Post 1,3 m
• Adjustable link bar
• Barrier bracket 360



Tempoary edge protection stairs at construction site in UK

Adjustable clamps on stairs


Adjustable Clamp 550 (product code 912220) is used when drilled anchors is to be avoided. The clamp can be swivelled and turned around, and be installed in one simple operation without damaging the concrete surface. It is fitted with an integrated post lock to retain a standard Post 1,3 to which twin Adjustable link bars are easily attached for full protection. Adjustable link bars are offered in four telescopic lengths. The same components are used to protect landing areas.

• Clamp 550
• Post 1,3 m
• Adjustable link bar
• Barrier bracket 360






Coupler 48-50

Coupler 48-50 is used as a bracket for installing edge protection on construction sites. One end on the bracket fits SafetyRespect’s different posts and aluminium pipes and most of the common scaffold brands. The other end fits Flex Beam 50 mm and Alu Beam 50 mm.

Art. No. 915104

Coupler bracket safety fan

Coupler bracket for installing the Safety fan on walls. Fits SafetyRespect’s different posts and aluminium pipes, as well as common scaffold brands.

Art. No. 915103

Product sheet