Protective sleeve for Precast socket

protective sleeve for precast socket temporary edge protection concrete constructions

The Protective sleeve is designed for the Precast socket, that are used to provide a cast-in base fixing for temporary edge protection. The Omnia slab is a reinforced precast concrete slab which incorporates a lattice girder to provide stiffness and facilitate the placement of the top mesh. The lattice girder provides rigidity to the slab when in-situ concrete is poured onto it.

Casting the base fixing into the lower slab portion means that temporary edge protection can be installed onto the slab before it is lifted into position which allows rebar installation and concrete placing onto the slabs within a collectively protected work area.

Precast sockets are fixed to rebar before the lower portion concrete is cast. A cut length of Protective sleeve (product code 911107) is inserted onto the Precast socket which forms a 50 mm diameter hole around the Post and allows extraction when temporary edge protection is no longer required.

Protective sleeve for socket – Art. No. 911107
Precast socket – Art. No. 911108

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