Wall bracket

Wall bracket is an effective component that is used to connect temporary edge protection barriers or adjustable link bars (telescopic guardrails) to close-off door openings in lift cores, window openings and lift shafts. Wall brackets are anchored to walls using cast-in sockets or post-drilled anchors, excalibur, thunderbolts or equivalent. Wall brackets sits flush on the face of the wall and directly replaces drilling edge protection posts and sockets, providing a closer fit to the wall and increasing the working area.

Wall brackets with Barriers can quickly and easily secure openings and makes it simple and fast to open and close the edge protection. Casting is facilitated and one advantage is that repair of edge protection attachments are usually not required. It is quick and easy to install and uninstall when various kinds of work task are to be carried out.

• Hot dip galvanized.
• Weight 0,7 kg.

Art. No. 912121

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