Post-drilled anchors

Post-drilled concrete anchors are available in expendable and reusable versions. The Coeur pulse anchor is a removable anchor that can be installed and removed quickly featuring a secure locking function that ensures the anchor will stay in place and mitigates the risk of unintentional removal. Where post-drilled anchors are required in larger quantities offering less re-usability, the cost effective non-reusable thread with reusable connector version will be more economical. These anchor types are compliant with EN795 and can be used on vertical, sloping and horizontal surfaces. Both versions of Post-drilled anchors are available in this store category.

Petzl Coeur pulse anchor 2


Petzl Coeur pulse anchor

Coeur pulse is a removable and reusable stainless-steel anchor for fall protection. It is designed for supporting temporary horizontal lifelines also ...

Non-reusable expansion anchor

Post drilled expansion thread anchor for fall arrest and work restraint systems. This is a non-reusable expansion anchor thread which ...

Reusable anchor connector

Post drilled reusable anchor connector certified according to EN795, used for fall arrest and work restraint systems as personal fall ...