Precast concrete floor slabs

Temporary edge protection on concrete floor slabs at construction site in UK

Pre-casting concrete elements allows for inclusion of cast-in components to support the temporary edge protection system needed to erect the structure. If edge protection is needed on top of the slab, anchor sockets can be cast to support a Post foot (product code 912105). For side of slab positioning cast-in anchors will support Vertical brackets (product code 912118).

Omnia slabs can be delivered with Precast socket (product code 911108) projecting from the top of the bottom concrete layer.

Socket with Rebar 400 mm is an expendable socket that is embedded into slabs or beams with a minimum depth of 500 mm.

If anchoring is to be avoided, Adjustable clamps 300 or 550 can be installed on site before the units are lifted into position.

In the brackets our Post 1,3 m is installed and thereafter Barrier 2,6. The Barrier can be raised in one simple operation on the post up to a height of 310 mm above the floor structure, without decreased safety. This creates conditions for joint grouting, casting and other common work tasks without any need of uninstalling the edge protection.

SafetyRespect offer technical support and will provide a schedule of the equipment required to protect your door openings.

• Post foot
• Socket base
• Precast socket
• Socket with rebar 400 mm
• Clamp 300
• Clamp 550
• Post 1,3 m
• Barrier 1,3, 2,6
• Cast protection for Post foot
• Cast protection for Socket base

Temporary edge protection on concrete floor slabs at construction site in UK

Post foot edge protection bracket for concrete_slab egde constructions UK


Adjustable Clamp 300 as attachment for collective edge protection on concrete slab floor


Temporary edge protection with precast socket on construction site in UK