SST03 Harness and lanyard basic training

harness wearer training for work at height
This training course provides practical instruction and demonstration to those using Work Restraint or Fall Arrest Systems with Temporary Edge Protection and on exposed Leading Edges specifically on Reinforced or Precast Concrete structures.

The course is site based and to deliver this course the Trainer requires an area of suspended concrete deck with Temporary Edge Protection in place.
When providing instruction on a live Temporary Works Structure where Falsework is partially built, supervision will be required from the person with responsibility for the works.
Alternatively a grid of decking beams can be laid out on a finished floor to simulate a live deck.

Decking out Temporary Structures.
Metal Deck installation on Steel Structures.
Installing Facades onto the perimeter of Structures.

Awareness of gravity, falls & injury
Component compatibility
Wearing a Harness
Pre-use inspection
Equipment storage, care and cleaning
Removal of damaged or worn components
Installation of a Work Restraint System using Slings, Horizontal Lifeline and Adjustable Lanyards to prevent Falls from Falsework during Decking-out or Table movements.
Working in Fall Arrest Alsipercha as the overhead Anchor Point
Practical demonstration of the Installation and removal of Systemised Temporary Edge Protection using Anchored, Clamped, Freestanding or Compression Posts. Identifying poor installation or adaptions and taking corrective action.
Rescue from Temporary Structures
This course is for those working with proprietary Falsework and Temporary Edge Protection systems and combines the need for training to remove and re-instate Edge Protection whilst being protected using a Personal Safety System.

Each delegate will be given one to one practical training and upon successful completion will be provided with a certificate with a 36 month validity period.