Socket w rebar 400 mm

Socket with rebar 400 mm

The Socket with rebar 400 mm (product code 911114) is inserted and tied to reinforcement bars for wall’s or slab’s so that temporary edge protection posts can be inserted into them. This means that the temporary edge protection system can be installed into them before they are lifted into place.

This component is designed to eliminate concrete drilling and the need to work at height by installing the temporary edge protection on the ground in turn reducing installation time. The Socket with rebar is manufactured with a post lock inside the sleeve which retains the edge protection post preventing accidental uplift or removal. It is also pre-fitted with a protective cap to prevent concrete ingress.

Overall length of the vertical bars used to tie the socket into rebar is 400 mm. Socket with rebar 400 mm is also suitable for insitu wall formwork and floor slabs.

• For building structures cast in place.
• Integrated post lock.
• Length of reinforcement 400 mm.
• Delivered with plastic lid.

Art. No. 911114

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