SR system

A trusted temporary edge protection system developed over twenty years and offering the safest collective protection for almost any type of structure. SR system is built around a steel mesh barrier that in one component replaces twin guardrails, toe-boards and loose fittings.

SR system posts lock into connection devices using a twistlock design, which doesn’t allow accidental lifting or removal. Barriers lock onto the face of the posts and are held by captive wedge locks. No lifting barriers over posts, or barriers sliding down on posts, so installation and removal is a faster and safer operation then many other brands.

SR system has a whole range of components for connecting to concrete, steel, timber or pre-fabricated off-site structures. The components are designed to EN13374 by our own technicians to meet our customers’ needs. We constantly develop new products to meet the needs of our industry and they are manufactured in our own factory for controlled quality assurance.

Plan your work with SafetyRespect. Don’t start without us. Our team of technicians will work with you from the beginning to provide the optimum solution for your project. SafetyRespect will keep you safe.

barrier for temporary edge protection on construction site UK