Exclusion zones

Exclusion zones are built to limit the access to leading edge or perimeter work to those that are authorised, trained or are connected to a personal fall protection system. It’s important that exclusion zones and temporary enclosures can be erected quickly using minimum components with relative portability for carrying through stair cores or on hoists.

When working on top of a slab or on a temporary works / formwork system the Freestanding base is utilised. This can be screwed onto plywood decking for extra stability or weighed down with supplementary ballast when working on precast concrete planks.

Freestanding systems should not be positioned on the perimeter or leading edge of a slab because they don’t offer the resistance required to prevent a fall. Correct use of this system means that it should be positioned a minimum distance of 2 metres from the slab edge.

When working in between floors to install façade units onto the face of a structure an exclusion zone can be quickly built using Compression Posts, secured between floor and ceiling without the need to anchor. Compression Posts supporting steel mesh barriers are compliant to EN 13374 class A.

Collective edge protection for Exclusion zone at construction site in UK