Scissorsafe work restraint system

Scissorsafe personal fall protection

Scissorsafe is a cast in system with reusable anchors, designed to prevent construction workers from falling from perimeters and edges. Plastic void formers are cast into the concrete simply by nailing them to the formwork. When the concrete has hardened and the formwork is removed, the anchorage points are exposed in the soffits.

Once installed, anyone working on the unprotected leading edge can use these anchorage points by inserting a Scissorsafe anchorage tool into them. Our product has an unique design that opens within the concrete void and is locked by the connecting device. They do not rely on friction and they are reusable wherever an anchor point has been cast.

The Scissorsafe system is used for fall restraint and fall arrest systems providing overhead anchorage for temporary horizontal lifelines (running-lines). Work positioning and fall arrest systems are widely used for installing curtain-walling, unitised facades and balcony installation.

Installing compression posts and safety barriers with Scissorsafe personal fall protection system