Barrier 1,3

The Barrier 1,3 is a steel framed mesh barrier designed according to EN13374. It is used to prevent falls from height when installed and connected on compatible posts, to form a temporary edge protection system for collective safety on construction projects.

This barrier is the fundamental component in our innovative temporary edge protection systems. Manufactured from steel mesh reinforced with a full perimeter frame improving strength and handling with a 260 mm high toe board to prevent debris falls. Overall height is 1220 mm available in lengths 2600 mm and 1300 mm.

Engineered to connect to our posts with twin wedge connectors that allow front-fitting, a precise and safer installation method than “over the post” systems. The barrier replaces twin guardrails, loose toe boards and connectors in one component.

SafetyRespect temporary edge protection systems have connecting components for most structure types, reinforced and precast concrete, infrastructure, steel, timber & prefabricated mainly incorporating the steel mesh barrier to provide collective protection.

The barriers are zinc plated under powder coating for long-lasting durability.

• Available in two lengths, 1.3 and 2.6 meters.
• Can be easily raised and lowered on the posts.
• Zinc plated and powder coated.
• Stable frame construction.
• Integrated toe board 260 mm.
• Weight 10,8 kg.
• 46 pieces delivered in stacking stillage.

Art. No. 913121

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