Catch fans

SafetyRespect Catch fan system is a complement to our temporary edge protection system. The fans are used as a collective safety measure to catch and contain falling objects where access is required in the immediate vicinity of a high rise structure. The system can be installed without any need of cranes and is designed to be installed on floor structures, scaffolds and walls.

These safety nets are designed to fit directly vertically or horizontally onto building frames or scaffolding structures using a range of accessories. They are six meters wide with a three meter overhang, and fixed directly to the top of the slab using reusable anchor bolts. The fans are compact, lightweight and transportable between work areas without the use of a crane.

Catch fans are installed up to six meters below the working area and they will catch and absorb the energy of falling object or debris, ensuring that they don’t bounce out of the net. They can also protect the public in, for example, city environments. A fine mesh layer is fixed to the net to catch smaller objects. Fallen objects are retrieved by simply folding the net to gain access. They can easily be moved and adapted throughout the construction project. Easy to fold to a vertical position in order not to interfere with cranes.

VT Catch fans at steel structure construction in UK