Concrete slab pre-screed

When a concrete floor has to be level with very low tolerances a concrete screed or levelling compound is applied over the concrete. A temporary edge protection system fixed directly to the concrete will obstruct the levelling work so we have developed casting protectors for our post support components to allow this.

Cast protection for socket base (product code 911109) is an expendable circular former that protects the Socket base (product code 912110) from concrete when screed is applied.  It also allows clean removal leaving a shallow hole for grout filling.

Cast protection for post foot (product code 911140) is a reusable plastic former which is anchored to concrete and protects the post foot during the application of floor levelling compound or liquid screed. Upon completion, the edge protection is removed leaving a clean hole to 50 mm in depth for grout filling.

• Socket base
• Cast protection for socket base
• Post foot
• Cast protection for post foot
• Post 1,3 m
• Barrier 1,3, 2,6
• Barrier bracket 360

Post foot edge protection bracket for concrete_slab egde constructions

Cast protection for Post foot - Edge protection for concrete slab egde constructionsconcrete cast protection for edge protection bracket at construction site UK