VT barrier 1300×1180

VT barrier 2600x1150 90 degree for temporary edge protection

Steel mesh temporary edge protection barrier made to half the length of the standard barrier, which is useful for infilling gaps or making up fixed length runs when installed on steel sections.

Lightweight yet extremely robust, and versatile and fast to assemble. The VT barrier is improving the safety of a traditional guardrail edge protection by replacing twin guardrails and toeboard in one unit, eliminating fittings and the need for tools, whilst providing protection through containment.

This is a high-quality safety component manufactured with the latest production techniques in our own factories and available in a wide variety of PPC RAL-colours and/or hot-dip galvanized finish for durability. Each welded spot on this edge protection barrier can withstand an impact load of 500 kg.

• BS EN 13374, class A
• 11.0 kg
• 1300 x 1180 mm
• Steel
• Powder coated

Art. No. 2011311

Product sheet

VT system temporary edge protection for construction sites

VT system temporary edge protection for road and bridge constructions

VT system temporary edge protection for construction sites