Tool lanyard with rotating carabiner

Elasticated Heavy Duty Tool Lanyard with Rotating Connector

Elasticated tool lanyard with with rotating connector and the capacity to stop tools or objects with a combined maximum weight of 10 kg if dropped. Made from strong, high quality elasticated bungee with a rotating alloy karabiner that rotates 360 degrees ensuring that the lanyard does not twist and tangle when tethering a rotating tool. At one end is a rotating karabiner, useful when working with tools or objects in a small space. A cord allows loop connection to wrist or guardrail anchor points.

When connected to a dropped tool this lanyard will stretch to 1100 mm reducing the falling force of the dropped object on the user by deceleration. When unstressed the working length is 800 mm. This elasticated lanyard has been independently tested.

Load capacity: 10 kg
Unstressed length: 80 cm
Stressed length: 110 cm
Connector: Aluminium with locking gate