Connected Thinking and Systems In Cardiff

Multiple SafetyRespect UK systems and training courses have been employed at Gramercy Tower which, when completed, will be Cardiff’s tallest building.  The joined-up approach with principal contractor Intelle Construction and sub-contractors Concrete Structures and Floors Ltd and TGM Facades has seen a trio of fall protection solutions employed including edge protection barriers, catch fans and the innovative Scissorsafe anchorage system. Plus, SafetyRespect UK are providing ‘working in restraint’ and ‘rescue’ training courses for the benefit of the site workforce.

Producing A Permanent Safety Envelope

Concrete Structures and Floors Ltd and TGM Facades worked with SafetyRespect UK to create a ‘safety envelope’ around the building to protect workers and to protect members of the public who work, walk, and drive past this prestigious inner-city development.

Gramercy Tower is surrounded by offices, car parks and roads. SafetyRespect UK Catch Fans were used on the elevations where there was the risk of potential failing objects onto site and public areas below. As well as the strategically positioned catch fans, temporary edge protection barriers have been placed around all perimeters.

And the innovative Scissorsafe anchorage system is being used to facilitate a ‘work restraint system’ for the installation of the façade. An additional benefit of this solution is that requires cast-in void formers rather than drill and fix connections as such reducing build time and the risk of site worker hand-arm vibration (HAV).

Catch fans fall protection at Gramercy Tower Cardiff UK

Connected Thinking, Connected Systems

Facade panels will create a striking fully glazed appearance, but this design required the removal of the temporary edge protection barriers during installation. The facade installers used a temporary work restraint system (a running-Line) at ceiling height attached to Scissorsafe – the cast-in anchorage system.

By using cast-in void formers, the Scissorsafe system doesn’t require on site drillingthus saving time and money plus there’s no load testing required. Maximum length lanyards allowed installers to work at the edge of the slab but no more, preventing them from falling.

TGM Facades, who designed and installed the facades at Gramercy Tower specified the use of Scissorsafe.

Scissorsafe personal fall protection at Gramercy Tower Cardiff UK

Dominic McKeown, Site Manager said, “SafetyRespect were chosen for this project because of the safety anchors. Inserting the anchors as the slab is being poured takes out the element of drilling bolts afterwards with no dust and no HAVS involved. This protects the workforce from unnecessary risks.”

Also, there are no columns available for slings to be used, no holes through the floor plate unlike the use of omni anchors which increases the risk of water ingress to the lower level. All of this keeps the main contractor happy.

“SafetyRespect worked closely with us on design and layout highlighting potential issues prior to installation.”

Concrete Structures and Floors Ltd are using the VT system temporary edge protection and catch fans manufactured and supplied by SafetyRespect UK. The temporary edge protection system has been positioned on top of the floor slabs, around all perimeters. SafetyRespect UK were able to supply multiple products quickly, this was very important to Concrete Structures and Floors Ltd Managing Director Sean O’Sullivan.

He said, “I choose SafetyRespect because I know I will get what I need for my project with no hassle. All it takes is one phone call by me and I know they will respond on time and on brief. And often I will get additional thoughts from the SafetyRespect team as they understand the industry so well. I feel safe with SafetyRespect.”

Temporary edge protection at Gramercy Tower Cardiff UK

On-going Specialist Training To Ensure Correct And Safe Usage

SafetyRespect are also providing periodic training courses for installers work restraint and rescue. This on-going service ensures that ever changing site staff have the best knowledge to ensure their safety and that of their colleagues.

Rescue training at Gramercy Tower Cardiff UK

Joined Up Thinking

David McGrath, Assistant Site Manager, Intelle Construction said, “We are very happy with the systems specified by Concrete Structures and Floor Ltd and TGM Facades. They came up with product solutions and invested in on-going training. The joined-up thinking benefitted the site workforce and the general public on this inner-city development.”

SafetyRespect UK Sales Manager Terry Gardner said, “Gramercy is a blueprint for connected thinking and strong planning. Main contractor Intelle worked with TGM and Concrete Structures And Floors Ltd in association with ourselves with three main objectives. Firstly, the creation of a safety envelope for workers. Secondly, a protection system for members of the public surrounding the site. Finally, the ability to use systems that balanced safety with speed of operation.

“But what I like about the connected thinking is the long-term training solution ensuring workers have the best knowledge to ensure their safety and that of their colleagues.”

Catch fans fall protection at Gramercy Tower Cardiff UK

Scissorsafe personal fall protection at Gramercy Tower Cardiff UK

Published October 26, 2023.